Fire and Flood Prevention

In Colorado we know the summer months can bring both fires and floods across the state, state officials recently reminded us. As a homeowner, there are a number of things you can keep in mind and proactively do to help reduce potential future damages, as well as keep your family safe!

My fire and flood prevention tips:

1. Make a plan! This is number one. Your plan should include everything from a meeting place and evacuation routes for those living in your home to an emergency supply kit. provides excellent information on everything you should consider in the event of an emergency. Click through to make sure you have everything covered! >

2. Create a defensible space! This means keeping the immediate area around your home free of natural debris! This can reduce the chances of a fire spreading to your home, or spreading a fire to neighboring homes. The National Fire Protection Association has a great checklist for ways to build and maintain a defensible space around your home! >

3. Know your flood risk! Are you in an area that’s at a high risk for floods? Check out FEMA’s interactive map to check your home and the surrounding areas! >

4. Review your insurance! In the case that a disaster can’t be avoided, you will want to make sure you’re properly insured, and flood damage specifically is not typically covered by homeowners insurance. It’s best to be asking any questions you may have now!

5. Prepare your valuables! This could mean storing digital copies of important documents. Or creating a homeowners list of your valuables in case your property is damaged. A list of things to grab (time permitting) from your home in the case of an emergency is another great list to prepare and keep in your emergency supply kit! Know what’s irreplaceable and what can be replaced with proper documentation.


Taking these preventative steps now can provide you with the comfort of knowing you’ve done everything in your power to keep your home and family safe. There are a ton of great resources and tools out there on these topics if you have additional questions or would like some guidance, the ones I linked to above are a great place to start!

House Hunting Mistakes

Five important house hunting mistakes to consider when searching for your new home:

  1. House hunting without an agent

    Getting an agent is the number one way you can help yourself in the home-buying process.

    Experienced agents have the market knowledge needed to get you the best deal. Additionally, it’s imperative to consider the importance of moving fast as a buyer in a competitive sellers market- the right agent can give you a jump on the competition with materials and inside knowledge not available to the general public! Want to hear about more the ways I can help you specifically? Use the submission form to the right!
  2. Waiting too long to view a home

    When the market moves fast, you need to move fast too. Sometimes one day can make all the difference, so do your best to make it to homes you are interested in ASAP by working with your agent to set viewings!
  3. Not getting pre-approved for a mortgage

    Having a mortgage pre-approval is good for a number of reasons! By knowing exactly how much mortgage you qualify for, you eliminate time you would be wasting looking at homes by selling yourself short or falling in love with a home you can’t afford. A mortgage pre-approval also lets sellers know that you are serious and allows you to move quickly once you find a home you like!
  4. Speeding through an open house

    Take your time! An open house can be your best opportunity to evaluate a home. Make sure to open all the doors and drawers so as to not miss anything! Consider making a list of things to look for and/or taking notes on your viewings to slow the process down and make it the most efficient.

  5. Falling in love with the staging

    Don’t be distracted by savvy surface details when hunting for a home. Make a conscious effort to look past flashy decor for the best evaluation of what does or does not make a house a good fit for you.

Selling in Spring

Spring is here! Which means housing prices and buyer competition are going up! If you are thinking about buying or selling, now is the time to move fast and you need a good agent to represent you. I am happy to answer any questions you may have as well as provide a FREE market evaluation of your home!

The following are just a few examples of my recent sales from different parts of the state- Denver especially is currently one of the fastest moving markets in the nation!

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Let’s discuss your options! Call me today at (303) 550-2641 or use the submission form to the right to get started.

Personal Care Realtor

Realtor Connie Bruce

Realtor Connie Bruce

Recently, an Assistant who was helping me out was impressed with the amount of business I was doing and stated “if you keep this up you could be like so-and-so, a Queen of Boulder County Real Estate”. I thought for a moment and replied “I have no desire to be a Queen or a production machine of Real Estate. I want to make a decent living and be able to enjoy life while giving my clients my utmost attention and personal care.” If you want a “high-powered” Agent who hands you off to a team member then I’m probably not the right fit BUT if you want to work with a Realtor who is all about your best interests and personal concern then let’s talk!

Now is the Time to Sell!

selling your home

Historically low interest rates have combined with low levels of inventory to create the perfect “seller’s market.” Homes are flying off the market at a record pace at prices that haven’t been seen in many years. If you’ve ever thought about upsizing, downsizing or changing neighborhoods, NOW IS THE TIME!

I will provide a FREE market evaluation of your home, help you get it sold, and work with you to find a perfect new home.

Give me a call at (303) 550-2641 to learn about all the great opportunities available right now.

Staging for Success

Staging Your House Properly

It would be wonderful if a crew from HGTV would magically appear when we’re getting our home ready to present to potential buyers.  The reality is that this will be a “DIY” project.  Have you ever wondered how to prepare your house for sale?  Follow these simple tips to help your home appeal to the broadest market of buyers while accentuating its best features and amenities.

1.  De-Clutter:  Sounds simple, but you must be ruthless.  Your goal is to allow a buyer to envision themselves living in your space.  Remove as many personal items and knick-knacks as possible.  Your bowling trophies and family photo walls position the house as yours, instead of a potential new owner.  Clean off tabletops, get the magnets off the refrigerator (and clear the top of the refrigerator!), review artwork to make sure it doesn’t distract and stow personal items and toiletries in bathrooms and bedrooms.  Make sure your rooms look like their intended purpose: Keeping your treadmill in the dining room might be convenient for your exercise regimen, but it won’t help a new buyer envision a family gathering at holidays. Reducing personal items and defining room purpose also lets the natural architecture of your home speak for itself, as well as allowing shoppers to envision new possibilities.

2.  Calling Mr. Clean:  Your goal is to have your home appear “move in ready” at every showing.  Get in and really clean those nooks and crannies that are easy to overlook in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.  Dust ceiling fan blades, clean baseboards, and check doors, handles and frames for pesky fingerprints.  Make sure your windows sparkle!  It’s amazing how clean windows can boost the appearance of a room.  We want buyers to focus on the natural beauty of your home, and not a stray dust bunny.  Are you including any appliances with your home sale?  Make sure they’re squeaky clean.  You might consider hiring a professional cleaning crew to do the initial “heavy lifting,” leaving it easier for you to maintain with light, daily cleanings throughout the showing period.

3.  Organize:  I recently opened a closet door in a house that was on the market, and a box of sporting goods tumbled out (and bounced off my head)!  Buyers WILL open your closets and open your built-in cabinets.  They need to make sure the house has room for all of their stuff. Your goal is to have your house say “I have plenty of room for everything!”  Invest in some inexpensive plastic tubs for seasonal items, extra clothes or hobby materials.  Label the tubs, then stack them neatly in the garage. Most home improvement stores offer low-cost organization solutions for closets like stand alone shelving, shoe racks and more.  Your closets will look neat, organized and ready to take on the challenge of new owners.

4.  Paint:  No matter how spotless your home, paint can grow dull over time.  A fresh coat of interior paint adds a special spark to your home.  If you love vivid colors and have included them on the walls of your home, now is the time to cover them with a neutral paint color.  While you may find some shoppers who share your passion for purple, most consider non-traditional colors a negative (and view those walls as work they will have to tackle when they move in).  You can go back to your custom color palette in your new abode, but neutral is the key when selling your current home.

5.  The Great Outdoors:  Think about what buyers will see as they park and walk to your front door.  Is your lawn neatly trimmed or raked?  A couple of bags of fresh mulch make flower beds and walkways look sharp.  Is your front porch making the best first impression possible?  Sweep, add fresh flowers if the weather is warm, and invest in a fresh welcome mat.  Consider re-painting your front door or adding a simple seating area if your porch has room.  You know what they say:  “You never have a second chance…”  Cast a critical eye to the back of your home, as well.  Outdoor living opportunities can add value to your home.  Round up toys (from children or pets) and sporting goods.  Would this be a good time to refresh patio furniture cushions?  Paint the picnic table?  Get that chiminea or fire pit you’ve been wanting?   Make potential buyers think “hey!  I’d like to spend some time out here!”

6.  A Second Opinion:  You’ve worked hard to get your house show-ready.  Ask your realtor or a friend to walk through your home and view it as a potential buyer.  You might be surprised at some of the simple suggestions (“Hey – why don’t you get some fresh throw pillows for the sofa?”) that could have a big impact.

7.  Show Time!  When it’s time for your first showing, take a few extra steps to improve your home’s ambiance.  Turn on the lights!  All of them!  Don’t make buyers fumble to find your light switches, and your home shows better when it’s bright.  Help the mood by setting your dining room table, setting up game tables in family rooms, or placing a vase of fresh flowers in the kitchen.  Savvy sellers have even been known to bake a quick batch of cookies before showings so their homes smell delicious.  Don’t have that kind of time?  Consider burning an apple pie-scented candle as you’re “fluffing” your house.

Following these suggestions will help your home sell itself by appealing to the widest pool of potential buyers.  A little bit of pre-sale work can result in faster sales and better prices.  Good luck!